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Imagine having a proven how-to manual for cashing in on the next big wave to hit the real estate industry. That next wave is REOs--real estate owned, or bank-owned, properties that have been repossessed through foreclosure--and 'REO Boom' is that guide. Aram and Tim know REOs. They have over 7 years of REO experience, have closed more than 2,000 REO transactions, and have consistently earned over $5 million a year in commission income. Now, they want to show 'you' how to take advantage of the coming REO waves and make millions. In 'REO Boom,' the Shahs present a comprehensive guide to making bank from the REO market, preparing you to break into the REO market and presenting a proven formula for success that's indispensable for even REO-savvy agents. 'REO Boom' includes: - A proven 90-day action plan for getting started - Insider secrets on what asset managers are 'really' looking for - Step-by-step guides that walk you through the entire REO process - Tricks for completing a perfect BPO to guarantee you listings PLUS: Learn how to fund your business by using other vendors' money, and get the Ultimate REO Bank List FREE. The secrets in this book have helped thousands of real estate agents across the country break into and perfect the bank-owned listing game. Are you ready to cash in on the REO boom?

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